Wallsé is now open for outdoor dining, takeout, and delivery everyday.



Dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant should be an experience to remember. When you step foot into Wallsé in the West Village, on the corner of Washington and West 11th Street, a minimalist setup highlights stark works of art. The intimate atmosphere is enhanced by courteous staff who treat you as guests in their own homes. The trifecta of food, service, and ambiance is believed to be considerably weighted when determining what venue is worthy of a Michelin Star. You can expect these key ingredients of a fine dining experience to go above-and-beyond your average Friday night eatery.

The Service

While people typically remember their meal when they think back to their last restaurant outing, the service at a Michelin-starred restaurant is a significant component of the fine dining experience. Knowledgeable and friendly staff are available throughout all pockets of the room, attentive to your every need. At Wallsé, you may get the impression that wait staff has been serving guests for several years. Their familiarity with the dishes and their enthusiasm about the menu provide an intimate experience. When dining at an establishment with a Michelin Star, the service should exceed your expectations.

The Food

Of all the factors that may be considered by Michelin, a restaurant’s sustenance is of the utmost importance. Expect a modern take on traditional dishes; an assortment of unique flavors coming together to “wow” your taste buds.

A Michelin-starred chef devotes a lifetime to pursuing what is both a craft and an art form. Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner prepares Wallsé’s modern European dishes with a genuine passion for the culinary arts. Sourcing fresh ingredients from all over the world, he creates new spins on traditional Austrian and German cuisines that continue to engage guests since the restaurant first opened its doors.

Everything from the presentation to that first bite is carefully considered during a meal’s preparation. In Mr. Gutenbrunner’s kitchen, simplicity and elegance take the lead. As you look around you while you enjoy your meal, you also receive that vibe from the ambiance.

Jackets Not Required

Wallsé has a modern vibe that brings people together from all walks of life who share one thing in common: an appreciation for good food. Original artwork from contemporary artists cloak the walls, while an upbeat playlist invites your ears. Do not expect the stereotypical formality one draws to mind when envisioning high-end dining. There are not five different forks to transport your meal and gone are the days of mandatory jackets. Unless you have rented out the room for a special occasion, you can expect to see guests wearing a wide array of fashions. From jeans to business suits, all are welcome at Wallsé!

If you are looking forward to an exquisite Easter dinner, Wallsé is currently accepting reservations for Easter Sunday. Book yours here today!