Wallsé is currently getting some updates and will be back in early September refreshed and ready to serve again.
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Just in time for apricot season, Wallsé chef and owner Kurt Gutenbrunner has come up with a dessert to pair with the apricot schnapps he features at his Austrian-centric restaurant.

The new treat, a cheese dumpling with marinated apricots ($12), paired with the schnapps, a type of spirit popular in Germany and Austria, makes for a full-throttle sensory experience, said the chef.

Mr. Gutenbrunner is hoping to roll out more fruit desserts to complement his growing list of schnapps, which he feels doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves in the U.S.

The schnapps he offers, $24 to $35 a glass, are from a boutique distiller that uses a high concentration of fruit per bottle, he said. “This is a pure, exclusive product.”

Wallsé, 344 W. 11th St.; wallse.com