Easter Sunday reservations at Wallsé are now available!



With a penchant for modernizing Austrian cuisine and a resumé that boasts an impressive list of restaurants whose Michelin stars and critical rankings grew with his culinary skills in the kitchen, it’s no wonder that Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner’s four NY restaurants are all equally adored (beginning with the flagship and Michelin starred,Wallsé). Born in a small town on the Danube River, Chef Gutenburnner’s restaurants reflect the garden-fresh ethos he relished during his childhood coupled with quintessential Austrian classics such as schnitzel and wurst. Boasting the largest Austrian wine selection in the US, a bevy of Bavarian beers on tap, and an eclectic art collection all reflected in his restos (vintage or otherwise), this chef has added his Austrian panache to all that he touches. You’re not simply eating a plate of food – at Gutenbrunner’s restaurants, you’re tasting memories. Cheers to that!