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Grubstreet – The Absolute Best Schnitzel in New York

When it comes to the cuisines of the world, traditional Austro-German food might not be at the top of your list — it tends toward the mild, and the heavy. But consider the schnitzel: When done well — meat pounded to optimal thinness, breading well-seasoned, fried so...

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The Tig – Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner

With a penchant for modernizing Austrian cuisine and a resumé that boasts an impressive list of restaurants whose Michelin stars and critical rankings grew with his culinary skills in the kitchen, it’s no wonder that Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner’s four NY restaurants are...

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Eater – 10 Top New York Sommeliers Try Malört

Leo Schneemann Wallsé "It has got a grapefruit bitterness at the front ... it feels like you are biting into an old grapefruit peel ... many herbal flavors concentrate the astringent nature of the grapefruit flavor, making it even more unpleasant on your palate...

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Epoch Times – Stalking the White Asparagus

“For me, asparagus was always white asparagus,” said chef Kurt Gutenbrunner of Wallsé in Manhattan’s West Village. He grew up in an Austrian village by the Danube river. “Outside of Vienna, you find these beautiful white asparagus fields it’s a little bit sandy there,...

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