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Eater – 10 Top New York Sommeliers Try Malört

Leo Schneemann Wallsé “It has got a grapefruit bitterness at the front … it feels like you are biting into an old grapefruit peel … many herbal flavors concentrate the astringent nature of the grapefruit flavor, making it even more unpleasant on your...

Epoch Times – Stalking the White Asparagus

“For me, asparagus was always white asparagus,” said chef Kurt Gutenbrunner of Wallsé in Manhattan’s West Village. He grew up in an Austrian village by the Danube river. “Outside of Vienna, you find these beautiful white asparagus fields it’s a little bit sandy there,...

Epoch Times – Where to Try White Asparagus in New York City

Wallsé Chef Kurt’s Gutenbrunner makes white asparagus several ways, including a simple, delicious dish with nothing more than white asparagus and morels (another harbinger of spring) and tomato foam (maybe a hint of summer there, with a nice earthy acidity). The ivory...

Tasting Table – Freudian Trip

Austrian chef Kurt Gutenbrunner has been highlighting the seasonal and refined side of traditional Austrian cooking for an impressive 16 years at his West Village staple and Michelin-starred Wallsé. “You have to respect the classics, and you work the creativity...